Floor globe

Our home is our favourite place of retreat. A counterbalance to the often far too big and noisy world outside. We all know the longing for peace, security and intimacy. Cosy comfort spreads through beautiful light. With a free-standing globe, you can create an accent in the room that cannot be overlooked. Whether classic with blue seas, traditional with an ochre-coloured design or modern with a simple design - our selection offers the right floor-standing globe for every taste.
Beautiful and special inspirations from our earth for your home.

Floor globe Vertigo Ø 60 cm
Exceptional optics. Convincing in quality and workmanship. The stylish extra for your home.

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When does a globe become a floor globe?

For a globe to become a stand-up model, it needs a certain overall height and stability. Our largest standing globe is 135 cm high and has a hand-laminated globe of 75 cm. A small globe is 100 cm high and a small globe is 37 cm high.
The stands are made of wood or metal, or an exciting combination of the two. The acrylic glass globe is illuminated with a replaceable energy-saving lamp. We have card images that are traditionally hand-laminated or machine-made using the thermoforming technique.
Sometimes it only takes a small change to set new accents in a room or change the effect. Standing globes are wonderfully effective in living rooms and business premises and are a unique eye-catcher.

Which cartography is used for a floor globe?

In political cartography, the individual states take centre stage. The national borders are highlighted in colour and the individual countries have differently coloured areas.

Two types of political map images are used for National Geographic stand globes.
The "Classic" map image with blue seas and country borders in different colours, physical information is indicated by shading.
The "Executive" map image in antique style.
Both cartographies have the current country borders.

Räthgloben 1917 Publisher

The hand-laminated standing globes with a diameter of 50 by Räthgloben show the physical map of the earth. The country borders are up to date and clearly recognisable.
A speciality are the machine-made globes using the deep-drawing technique and the globes with a diameter of 37 cm. The double image cartography of these globes shows the physical face of our earth when unlit and the political map when lit.

Where are the standing globes made?

The production facilities for our standing globe models are located exclusively in Germany and Italy. The wood used is all sourced from the European Union.

Our planet for your home

A globe is a contemporary interior and fits wonderfully into your room concept. If space allows, a free-standing globe can be placed in the centre of the room. An eye-catcher in the centre. A slim globe can also be placed in the background to save space. As an indirect light source. In our online shop you will find beautiful and special inspirations for your home. Live your individuality and your style. We are happy to support you with our advice.

Work of art earth

Our videos of the standing globe models Räthgloben DFN 3704 and National Geographic Vertigo in special surroundings.