Räthgloben Manual labour

Räthgloben Verlag from Leipzig has been combining traditional expertise with the latest technologies since 1917. The result is something to be proud of.

It takes a lot of manual labour and dexterity to turn a sphere of acrylic glass into a world.
The basis is 12 elliptical segments made of tear-resistant special paper.
They are printed with cartographic data on which the earth's surface is depicted true to length, area and angle.

Hand lamination is the process of attaching the segments to the sphere. These are cut out. In the second step, a special glue is applied to make the paper stretchy and flexible. Correct attachment and gluing together requires experience, a good eye and a great deal of sensitivity. After precise checking, the globe is given time to dry before being finished with clear varnish. This layer protects your globe and makes the colours shine.
Hand lamination is an ancient and original craft. We want this traditional knowledge to be preserved for a long time to come. Every hand-laminated globe is unique. A unique favourite.

You decide whether this globe becomes a fine, elegant table object or a standing globe.

Illuminated globe ZFG 3702 - Ø 37 cm
This globe radiates stylish simplicity.
329,00 EUR
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