Räthgloben hand lamination

Hand lamination

Räthgloben machine made

Machine made

Räthgloben - precise earth globes

The founder of the Räthgloben 1917 publishing house, Paul Räth, knew that education has a lot to do with images.
People have always been fascinated by a tangible image of our planet.
As early as 1928, such models of the world were sent out from Leipzig all over the world.
Since 1999, the publishing house has been majority-owned by the Italian Tecnodidattica S.p.A. group.
The machine-made globes are produced in Genoa and Florence.

Today, the publishing house is one of the leading manufacturers of globes and has been based in Markranstädt near Leipzig since 2008.
The hand-laminated globes are produced there.
Since 2014, hand-laminated globes with map images from the National Geopraphic Society have also been produced there.

We are enthusiastic about the collections and the diverse cartographies.
We are convinced of the high quality of these globes.