Bar globe - Globe bar from Zoffoli "Made in Italy"

The globe as a bar is not just a cult item for vintage lovers.
A Zoffoli bar globe enhances your drinks and creates a special atmosphere. Regardless of whether your tasting takes place in a private setting or your collection of exquisite spirits needs to be stylishly presented at business meetings.
You will find high-quality interpretations of the classic in the From nostalgic designs with attention to detail to globe bars with purist aesthetics and simplicity. Timeless design with its own appeal.

Italo Zoffoli is also regarded as the inventor of bar globes. The knowledge and tradition of quality craftsmanship in producing artistic globe bars has been passed down from generation to generation.

To be admired in selected shops in Rome, Milan, Florence, London, New York... the GlobenShop since May 2023.


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