What does a globe cost?

There are five main factors that determine the price:

  • Production effort (manual labour or machine production)
  • Materials used
  • Diameter of the globe
  • Type of design (table globe / standing globe)
  • Power supply (illuminated model / unlit model)

Depending on whether a globe is made by machine or by hand, prices vary from around €30 to €1500. In addition to the manual labour, which naturally makes the price more expensive, the materials used are decisive. A globe with a plastic meridian and base is cheaper than a globe with a metal meridian and wooden base. Another factor is the diameter. The larger the diameter of the globe, the more expensive the purchase price. The type of design should also be mentioned. A table globe is cheaper than a stand globe. The final criterion is the power supply. This is because an illuminated globe is more expensive to manufacture than an unlit globe.