Räthgloben 1917 Verlag - the globe manufacturer from Leipzig

Thermoforming is the mechanical application of the cartography to the globe. The printing foil is applied to the respective hemisphere using thermoforming, after which the two are firmly bonded together. The result is a globe with a beautiful, smooth feel. Double image, antique style or the classic map image. We have put together a beautiful collection for you.
Globes from Räth were sent all over the world as early as 1928. The long tradition of globe production has nothing dusty about it. The map images are up-to-date, yet diverse in their depiction and colour palette. The globes come from a good company and convince through quality.

This is where tradition meets modernity.

Constellation - Illuminated globe HL 3010 - Ø 30 cm
You don't have to be interested in astrology to find this globe fascinating.
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