Welcome to our world


Being mindful of our environment should be a matter of course. An intact environment touches us and gives us strength.
It is always the right time to take responsibility. What starts small often has a big impact. Everything is connected to everything else and together we can achieve an infinite amount. A globe grounds us, we realise what is important every day.
Our earth is our home. We live here. Yesterday as well as today and tomorrow.

Our range of services

We don't just want to sell a product. It should be a unique eye-catcher, a timeless classic or an accent that changes the effect of a room. A favourite piece that you fall in love with every day. We go to great lengths to work with good images and texts so that you can start your personalised journey around the world in peace, at any time of day or year and without the stress of making decisions.

Because we know our globes inside out, our easily accessible telephone support will answer all your questions. We want every globe to have the right home.

Your team from GlobenShop