South Sudan / North Macedonia and what about Crimea?

25.11.2019 - Red. GlobeShop

Generally speaking, we can say that all map images are up-to-date. This means that the youngest state on our planet, namely South Sudan, which came into being in 2013, is of course depicted.

But what about North Macedonia? In 2019, the state of Macedonia was renamed North Macedonia due to name disputes with the region of Macedonia in Greece.

The background

The name dispute broke out in 1991. At that time, Macedonia became independent following the collapse of Yugoslavia. Many Greeks feared territorial claims by its neighbour, as there is a region in northern Greece that is also called Macedonia. Source

You will often find the abbreviation MAZ on our globes.
The reason for this is the many states in the Balkans, which force cartographers to resort to abbreviations.

How is Crimea depicted? Who is it assigned to?

Crimea was annexed by Russia in March 2014. As long as the international community does not see Crimea as belonging to Russia, Crimea will be assigned to Ukraine on any globe with a political map. The same applies to Taiwan. China would draw its borders differently than on our globes. Basically, Western thinking is being portrayed here. After all, our globes are produced exclusively in the European Union.