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New online shop

27.03.2024 - Red. GlobenShop 
We launched our online shop in June 2019. These 5 years have developed well for us and the shop has been expanded. It was now time for us to "clean up" a little. With this new version, we have now created a newer, more modern and more customer-friendly online shop. We hope that you feel the same way.

the first school day with a globe

A globe as a school enrolment gift?

The 2024/2025 school year will start after the summer holidays. The first day of school is a special day in the life of every child.

Raffle for the film

THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING - an impressive film noir

Secrets, dark conspiracies, real dreams and a chaotic universe. Moon globes from Globen.Shop will be raffled off in participating cinemas to mark the film release.

Bahaim globe Nürnberg

The oldest preserved globe in the world - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Behaim globe from Nuremberg is a symbol of the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Book reading

LeseLust is a project of TAFEL Singen, Kinderchancen e.V. and the bookshop Lesefutter

What would it look like if the world were a village with 100 children?


A new start for the heart

Did you know that sudden cardiac death is the most common cause of death in Germany?


Book award for National Geographic

ITB BookAward 2022 for globe National Geographic Fusion 3701 Executive

We are delighted to have received this award for one of the most handcrafted globes in our range.

Inflatable globe

Are all world maps incorrectly dimensioned?

The world maps were probably not deliberately "falsified". There was an understandable reason for the reliable navigation.

Globe by the bed

Field report by Sönke Krüger "WELT"

A very nice assessment of the "globe" object. Many children have probably had similar experiences.

Orbit of the sun

Animation of the earth's orbit around the sun

The Earth's orbit around the sun over the 365 days of the year is demonstrated very clearly here.

A globe for birthday

Globe as a birthday present

A globe is a high-quality educational gift and brings joy to children and parents alike. Like this globe, which has travelled a long way from Germany to Greece.

Globe by candlelight

What is a design globe?

Of course, it's in the eye of the beholder. Here is our personal selection for you.

Cartography with South Sudan

South Sudan / North Macedonia / Crimea?

One of the most frequent enquiries we receive: Is the map image on the globe up to date? What year is the map material on your globes from? Justified questions that we are happy to answer.

Hand lamination

Hand lamination 1955

Today, as then, hardly anything has changed in the art of hand laminating. You can find a short, very nice video in English on the following page

Screenshot - Online-Shop

The birth of

1 June 2019 was the launch of our online shop. Of course, we have been working on this idea for a long time. We have had relevant experience in marketing globes since 2012.