Confirmation - gifts for young adults

The birth of a child, the first steps, school enrolment are exciting events for parents, grandparents and relatives.
People celebrate them, take lots of pictures and like to give beautiful and useful gifts.
When the invitation to confirmation or confirmation arrives in the letterbox, you ask yourself questions such as: "What do I give my 15-year-old grandson?", "What will my 14-year-old niece do?", "What gift is appropriate for my godchild?".
We say; " Take a look at our selection of globes."

A globe is an absolutely contemporary gift. A luminous globe is a classic and original gift. Perhaps you are looking for a symbolic gift? Then we can recommend a stand-up globe.
We know our globes personally and are happy to answer questions about quality and origin.

We wish all mums and dads, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, friends and neighbours lots of fun finding them.


Ballon Konfirmation - © Melanie -