A globe as a school enrolment gift?

Red. GlobenShop - 29.05.2024

Back to school ....


... the matching school bag has been in the room for weeks. Pens, exercise books, pencils, rulers, pencil sharpeners... the list of materials is long. The first day of school brings many changes for the girls and boys; new friends, a new daily routine and a new way to school, which they will soon be walking alone. This day is a special one.

Are you mum, dad, godmother or godfather, grandma or grandpa and looking for a suitable gift?

We have a great gift idea for you. Give a children's globe as a gift! It's a practical and useful gift that also encourages learning and is simply fun. Map pictures suitable for children, also with accompanying books, make them curious about the world. Our globes are also very interesting for pupils who have already passed through the first classes. We recommend our relief globes for them. Here, the tactile surface structure gives a good impression of the topography of the earth (note: topography is also a valid spelling).

A globe makes you curious about the world
...and never gets boring.

We have already included some information about children's globes in our videos. 
If you have any questions, our telephone support team will be happy to help you on +49 (0)7771 91 6060.

You can find our selection of children's globes / school globes here:

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