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Equatorial sundial with display of CET/CEST or solar time and the global position of the sun on... more
Product information "Sundial - Polaris"

Equatorial sundial with display of CET/CEST or solar time and the global position of the sun on the integrated world maps. For locations in the latitude range 35°-70°N and 35°-70°S.

POLARIS - the world time sundial

While the time on your wristwatch is a division of time adapted by man to his needs, a sundial
a sundial reflects the actual course of the sun. With the POLARIS sundial, you have a choice: you can display the natural solar time or our modern time valid in time zones. You can read Central European Time (CET/CEST) or any other zone time in the world.
The built-in world maps of the northern and southern hemispheres, each with 24 time zones, and the rotating time ring make the POLARIS a universal solar chronometer.


Explanation of the sketch: The POLARIS is located in Frankfurt am Main and displays 16:00 CEST. At this time the sun moves
the sun moves across the Atlantic Ocean. In East Greenland and on the western Azores and all other places on the shadow line it is just midday (culmination of the sun).

POLARIS - the model of our world

Once set for the location, the POLARIS assumes the same spatial position as our blue planet. The equator plate is aligned with the celestial equator and the shadow rod, which is parallel to the Earth's axis, shows you the direction to the celestial pole, in the immediate vicinity of which you can observe Polaris (Polaris) at night.
On this vivid model of our world, you can follow the apparent movement of the sun around the earth in real time.
real time. The shadow shows you where in the world the sun is at that moment, i.e. where it is midday.
As in reality, the sun is positioned over the northern map of the world in spring and summer.
winter, the southern world map of POLARIS is illuminated.

POLARIS - for every location in the world

The POLARIS astounds with its simple principle: the central rod shows the time with its shadow and also serves as a base with which the inclination of the equator plate is set for the latitude of the location. The world map is positioned according to the longitude and the time ring is rotated to the time zone. In most European countries, this is Central European Time (CET) or CEST (summer time). The sundial is set once with the wristwatch and then always shows you the exact time when the sun is shining.
always shows you the exact time. The POLARIS (Ø 120 mm) is made of stainless steel with ceramic laser labelling. The
The world maps are made of mineral glass with a thermal coating on the back, so the lightfast motif print is permanently protected from the effects of the weather. The sundial is suitable for year-round outdoor use.

POLARIS - and it still turns!

The Italian physicist, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer Galileo Galilei is said to have mumbled "And yet it turns"
when he was forced to renounce the Copernican world view at an advanced age - with the Holy Inquisition before his eyes.
Galileo has since been rehabilitated by the Church and today we know beyond doubt that the earth moves around the sun and rotates on an axis.
and rotates around an axis that points to Polaris (the Pole Star).
The shadow pole of POLARIS is parallel to the Earth's axis, so that the Sun appears to rotate around it as a result of the Earth's rotation.
around it. In this way, the shadow of the pole clearly shows you where our day's star is currently located on the world map. And the
You can of course also tell the time.


Origin: Made in Germany
Weight: 90 g
Dimensions: D= 120 mm x H= 120 mm x T= 140 mm
Material: Stainless steel, Plexiglas Optical HC (spectacle lens)
Displays: CET/CEST, WOZ, position of the sun
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