Products from Räthgloben - Leipzig - Handkaschierung

Räthgloben - Leipzig - Handkaschierung

Räthgloben - the globe manufacturer from Germany

Räthgloben has been producing at Leipzig since 1917. One of the world's oldest still-producing globe factories attaches great importance to tradition.

Therefore, the old craftsmanship is still applied in Leipzig.

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ZFG 3703 - Leuchtglobus mit Handkaschierung
Desk globe ZFG 37 03 - Ø 37 cm
Hand lamination , foot and meridian brushed stainless steel, map picture German or English. The politically and physically presented map image combines with the stainless steel tripod a strong color harmony in "gray-blue". A globe for...
€299.00 *
ZFB3701 - Leuchtglobus
Desk globe ZFB 37 01 - Ø 37 cm
Hand lamination, thermo ash wood base, brushed stainless steel meridian. Map image either German or English The graphically sophisticated beige card image was given a beautiful wooden base made of Thermo ash. The warm colors of the land...
€289.00 *
ZFS 5080 Standglobus Leuchtglobus - Räthgloben
Standglobus - Leuchtglobus ZFS 5080 - Ø 50 cm
Handkaschierung , Standglobus, Gestell aus verchromtem Stahl, Meridian schwenkbar, Ø 50 cm, Kartenbild englisch, silbergraue mit Farbnuancen versetzte Darstellung der physischen Kartographie. Klar und modern in der Gestaltung vom...
€1,299.00 *