Artwork Earth. Our planet. Home. Us.

Our Earth is the densest and the fifth largest planet in the solar system.
Seen from space, it is a blue planet. Visible to our eyes and experienced anew every day are the changes that the seasons bring.
Our surroundings and their colours change with the four seasons. Especially now in autumn, nature shows a colourful dress.

We were immediately enchanted by the opening of "Figures & Forms". This wonderful exhibition in the Lachenmann Gallery in Constance inspired us to photograph our standing globes in this special environment.
Many thanks to Mrs Lachenmann for her trust and the opportunity to realise our spontaneous idea.

In the Paradies district of Constance, in the rooms of a former printing house, interesting exhibitions are shown on 300 square metres. The gallery programme focuses on contemporary art. Besides paintings, drawings and photography, objects, installations and conceptual art will be exhibited. The established artists look back on an impressive exhibition and collection experience.

An inspiring walk through works of contemporary art.
Always new and surprising.

Come with us on a tour of the gallery


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