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Globen.Shop meets Lachenmann Gallery
Form and colour. A walk.
ITB BookAward 2022 for Globus National Geographic Fusion 3701 Executive
We are pleased about the award for one of our highest-quality handcrafted globes from our range.
These two special globes now have a 360 ° animation for their map image.

Translation of the globe shop in English

So far, the sale of globes was limited to the German-speaking area, as our online shop was only available in German.

Hand lamination 1955 - a small historical review

Today, as then, little has changed in the way of handcrafting craftsmanship. A small, very nice English-language video can be found in the following page

Räthgloben for a trip to Lake Constance

A small photo session on Lake Constance in the Restaurante Gallardo in Bodman
The simple change of LED bulbs in these globes. A list of affected models can be found on the following page
This video concerns globes of the brands Räthgloben, National Geographic and Atmosphere. The affected globes are listed in the following page.
There are two real designer pieces at Räthgloben. They convinced us immediately. Her subtle, yet strongly designed map image is available in German. We did a photo session with ambient photos and of course our popular 360 ° animation.
Watch a short video about changing bulbs on globes with ring base. All affected models are listed on the following page.
The attractive double-card image of our 8 relief globes is now one attraction richer. Turn the globe with the mouse in full view. Our tip: look at the detail on the "big" screen.
Tags: Animation, Video
The assembly will be demonstrated in the 3:30 minute video, as well as the specifics of the globe (German language).
360 ° animation of the map image of this globe. See more details also as a full screen on the computer
Here you get a short instruction as video, how to change the bulbs (bulbs) of our globes with plastic meridian.

Birthday of Globes. Shop

June 1st is the start of our online shop. Of course we have been busy with this idea for a long time. We have relevant experience in marketing globes since 2012.