Floor Globe - illuminated globe - Cross Executive Ø 50 cm

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Antique style, hand lamination , standing model Ø 50 cm , frame made of wenge-colored ash... more
Product information "Floor Globe - illuminated globe - Cross Executive Ø 50 cm"

Antique style, hand lamination, standing model Ø 50 cm, frame made of wenge-colored ash wood, chrome-plated copper-colored meridian, illuminated globe with political / physical map image, English

Warm Old-Style Colors - Executive by National Geographic

Historically, but still current, because this globe includes on his hand-laminated map image of all countries of the world. All country borders are finely separated by a darker course. This award-winning map image shows all relevant topographies from mountain ranges to ocean depths. The more than 2,000 geographical names are displayed clearly and legibly.

Animated map image when illuminated

Please be patient when loading the images in full screen mode.

Please note that the colors of the globe on the screen may differ slightly from the original. Your own screen, for example, contributes to this, as it is calibrated in the rarest of cases.

Illuminated globe: Yes
Diameter: 50 cm - Scale 1: 25,000,000
Labeling: english
More details: Replaceable and commercially available LED bulbs (4W / E14 thread) with energy efficiency class A+
Cartography: antique style, hand crafted, political / physical
Total height: 103 cm
Frame: Gestell aus dunklem Hartholz mit schwenkbarem vergoldeten Metallmeridian
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